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Walls and Cores

OZM can be used for both internal and external walls.

Wall panels are typically 2.4m long to allow flat packing on a standard 9m truck or semi.

A series of 2.4m long panels plus a make up panels are simply connected on site to create a wall of any length. Site installed vertical lap bars are recommended however crank bars can be provided.

Stair and Lift shaft cores are easily constructed with the addition of light-weight aluminium forms for corners, wall junctions and door openings . Forms can be provided as part of the overall supply package.

Walls can be constructed on boundaries or in limited access situations where no outside face access is available.

The product is offered in a profiled metal finish or with a 6mm Fc sheet attached at the factory.

The site installation of vertical furring channels in the slot of the profiled sheet ensures that the overall finished size of the column/wall does not increase.

Water based paints are available to spray paint the galvanized metal sheet.

Higher levels of galvanized coating are available . G200 is standard.

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